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Meet the Photographer

I am Haylin. I have always been the shy girl of my generation. I always try to be myself. Ever since I was an introverted kid, I'd get on stage and be able to break out of my shell. For me, getting out of my shell is to explore life. When you go out of your comfort zone, there's nothing more satisfying.

In my 20's, I began to tire of the pressure placed on me by my family and their high expectations. I gradually stopped college and chose to work instead for my kid and for my family. I have always been thankful to them for teaching me to work hard in life and discovering the sweetness of the fruit from hard work.


This portrait expresses the real side of me. This is my alter ego. It represents my experiences in life that molded me on how I grow as a person. Choosing this photography field, I expected this to be arduous and I've felt fear. This field requires a strenuous effort that sometimes gets difficult and tiring too! Sometimes I tend to quit and I have this mentality I always doubt my work and even doubt myself. However, looking back to the obstacles I have been through all my life, trusting the people that surround me and people who believe in my capabilities, the support of my husband had given me and his family and my family as well - these are the main reason why I embrace this hobby as a passion and always choose to keep going. They are my inspiration. 

The flashes of lights produced by the camera I am holding remind me that life is a flash of light between two eternities of darkness, we can always look back on the memories through photographs but life must go on - we must keep moving forward. :)




Vileyvonne H.revadona

To Haylin Thank you for accommodating us on short notice to make Darragh’s communion memorable The pictures were fantastic Everyone loves it


Susan Dela Cruz

Dear Haylin... Thanks very much.. For the wonderful family photographs.. You are so talented... You made my birthday extra special with our photos.. God bless you... We really enjoyed the being photograph by you.. Keep it up..


Liberty Orcine O'Rourke

The family photos are great!

Thanks a million, Haylin my newfound friend.

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